Freelancing School Coaching Bundle by Jay Clouse

Freelancing School Coaching Bundle

Get immediate access to all three courses and have direct support from Jay as a coach for a full year.

With this package, you will have a direct line to me whenever you have questions specific to you.

Use the coaching email any time you want - no limits.

About the Coaching Bundle

What students are saying...

"I sold my biggest project ever using the proposal template inside of Freelancing School!"
Jenni K.
"I binged through the Marketing for Freelancers course. I was skeptical at first because I've been in Marketing for the past 10 years, but a lot of those lessons scratched my itch that I never deal with at work. Overall A+ — I definitely got my $200 out of it!"

Andy P.
"I doubled my client base and I also launched a website...what used to be a hobby became a legitimate side gig."
Matt R.
"Great information for people thinking about becoming a freelancer or just starting as a freelancer. The content is very relevant, easy to follow, and offers a ton of tools to help the person succeed."
"I needed to binge through this course because I wanted to be more comfortable on a selling call I was on - and it helped! I love all the CRM help - I never knew this was even a thing."

Full access to three courses:

Business for Freelancers

Implement systems  and processes to effectively manage your money and time, which will free you up to focus on doing your best work.

Marketing for Freelancers

Learn to confidently talk about your work, position yourself as the best choice for your target client, and get clients coming to you

Selling for Freelancers

Learn the strategies and processes to make selling client work feel easy.

Inside each course, you will find...

Comprehensive video lessons

Specific steps for taking action

Templates and other resources

About Me

Hey, my name is Jay Clouse. I'm the founder of Unreal Collective and freelancing instructor for Linkedin Learning /

I've been both a founder and a freelancer. Previously, I was the Chief Operating Officer of Tixers, which was acquired in 2015. Then I spent time as a product manager at a venture-backed startup, and left that to freelance.

I've seen what works for freelancers. And after seeing strategies work over and over again, I've put them into these courses.


How do I contact my coach?

Students who purchase the Freelancing School Coaching Bundle will receive a special email address that you can contact any time. I will personally respond to each email within 48 hours.

Who is my coach?

It's me, Jay! The same instructor in the videos will be on call to help with your specific questions whenever you need.

Are there any limits to how many questions I can ask?

Nope. You can use the email any time that you need help and I will respond.

Will this work for other client-based businesses?

While the courses are geared towards freelancers, the tools and systems will work for any client-based businesses, including agencies, coaching practices, real estate, and more.

What if I’m only taking on clients part time?

Even if you just want to freelance part time, these courses will help you earn more in the time you do commit to taking on clients.

What if I can't dedicate the time right now?

Purchasing the courses gives you lifetime access. So if you need a few weeks to get started, no problem.

And if you don't feel like you have time to commit to the courses, that is likely an indication that you could benefit from better time management tips inside!

How will this help me feel more confident talking about myself?

We all get scared when someone asks, "What do you do?" but being able to talk about yourself is an essential skill for a freelancer.

The Marketing course will give you a guide for how to talk about yourself in a way that serves you over the long term.

Is this worth the price?

The bundle is priced at $995 and I am confident that working through these courses will lead to both time saved as well as new clients gained.

If you're saving time and finding new clients, it doesn't take long to pay back $995.

OK, but will this actually work for ME?

If you put the time in, this will work for you. I've seen the results in my students as well as in my Unreal Collective clients.